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Medicine Alternatives

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Our world is filled with pills. A huge number of drugs has been developed, and this process never stops. Off course, it’s good for mankind. Effective drugs save our lives and improve health statement.  But there are so many needless pills! They only hide effects and don’t make a provocative disappear. Natural alternative are even more impactful and useful sometimes. We’ll describe the most famous ones.

Pain Drugs

Docs often prescribe such cure as Vicodin. It’s helpful for various aches. But you have to try something more sparing. Massages and manual help successfully remove pain and provocatives. Besides, pills may cause liver damage. They only make symptoms disappear, but don’t do anything to its reason. The statistics says that people suffering from back aches felt better after they visited chiropractic just in a few weeks. And that is earlier than patients who took pills.

High Cholesterol Meds

Statins are prescribed to remove this problem. They help liver to block such elements as enzymes. A right diet can replace any medicine. Garlic, oats, olive oil and red wine are wonderful protectors. They decrease inflammation and lower bad cholesterol level in your organism. Garlic also protects heart from a bad impact and diseases. Red wine raises good cholesterol and thins blood. Black chocolate also has special powers. It prevents various heart challenges.

High Blood Pressure Help

Amlodipine besylate are Lisinopril are the main meds for this problem. You shouldn’t stop taking meds, because high pressure is really dangerous. Combine it with other therapies. Your doc can offer you to take Coenzyme Q10 with drugs.

Hypothyroid Treatment

Synthroid is the most popular prescribed med. It’s mostly given to women, who are older than 50. A patient should check the mineral level. Sometimes your immune system causes thyroid challenges. But iron, iodine and selenium deficiency could be the problem too. Glandular additives help to regulate thyroid functions. But never stop taking prescribed meds without a doc’s permission. Besides, supplements are dangerous for people, who have heart illnesses.

Acid Reflux Meds

Omeprazole is prescribed by docs very often. This drug may cause bacterial overbalance in your stomach. Herbal help is recommended. It’s a bad idea to take meds only. A patient has to find a real problem and stop covering it’s symptoms. Buy a slippery elm in a health food shop. It will save your intestines from inflammations and heal stomach problems.

Infection Treatment

Antibiotics are the most popular meds for infections. Amoxicillin and azithromycin often appear in prescriptions. Antibiotics sometimes have unexpected impacts. So, we recommend using nasal rinsing therapy. It’s better to choose herbal help first than taking antibiotics. Take a glass of warm water and add ¼ teaspoon of salt. Many people also add soda. Sniff this cure with your nostrils by turn. Then clean your nose. Rinsing helps to remove an infection easily.

Diabetes Treatment

Glucophage is chosen by docs for this illness. Drugs regulate the sugar level in your blood. But a patient has to keep a strict diet and training. Physical exercises improve muscles, and diabetes get impact from insulin. Glucose is received and turned to energy.

Anxiety Help

Patients often receive Xanax prescriptions. You have to notice and write down your changes. Anxiety can grow into something really dangerous. A little investigation won’t take much time. Write down your remarks according to these tips:

  • ten or fifteen minutes per day should be dedicated to your papers. Write about your mental experiences including anxiety;
  • answer the question “What did I do today and what happened?”. Understand which situation provoked anxiety;
  • write about your reactions;
  • how did you cope with that problem? Finish your text with an answer to this question.

Insomnia Treatment

Patients take Ambien drug. If you use it more than ten days, dependency arises quickly. Try to take a melatonin hormone.

Depression Help

Zoloft is mostly prescribed by medical consultants.

Natural alternatives include fish oil. Eat more sea food and you will avoid a chance to be depressed. Those products are full of omega-3, which is useful for your mental statement.

So, natural surrogates are better for your statement. Off course, sometimes it’s better to compose them with meds to get an effective result.