Medical Tips & Hints for Your Health

Special Tips To Save Somebody’s Life

Some situations are really scary. You can start chocking or feeling bad, and don’t even know what to do. Besides, such situations happen to people, who stand next to you, very often. Sometimes they are so dangerous that a person can even die. Learn those tips to know what to do to save someone’s life. Mention that first of all there’s a need to call for emergency (911). Do it before starting helping a person. And don’t forget to take care of your safety and follow the instructions, if it’s needed.

There’s no need to be a professional doctor to save someone’s life. Just keep those tips in your mind.

CPR Tips

CPR is one of the main life-saving skills. We always think of it, when someone has cardiac standstill. This skill is extremely needed in such cases. Off course, it would be better to have a special training. There are even special courses, where a person can learn the main saving tips. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find this info by yourself. CPR tips will help you in a dangerous situation.

If someone’s heart stopped beating, “hands-only” CPR could help. It can be provided for everybody. Note that you can’t do it to newborn babies. A person doesn’t have to have special knowledge. Just press on the chest (2 inches are allowed) nearly 100 times per one minute. This procedure should be done before aid professionals come. This skill will save life of another person someday. Don’t be lazy and learn it.

Heart Attack Helping Tips

Heart attack often happen to people and causes death. Every seventh person dies because of it. If you want to help somebody, who has a heart attack, you have to be acquainted with it’s symptoms. They look like cardiac arrest sometimes. But sometimes it’s a heart ache. Call medical aid and ask if a person has allergic reactions to aspirin. Find out if he/she takes other medicines. They could interact with aspirin. Doctors say that a pill of that drug helps to save a heart from damage.

Help Someone Who’s Chocking

Restaurants often have posters containing Heimlich instructions. They show how to act, when someone starts chocking and can’t breathe. It’s a good idea because you don’t keep such posters at home and don’t see them while walking about the city. But before starting following those instructions, blow the chocking person’s back 5 times with a heel of your hand. Notice that techniques for children and infants differ from those which are helpful for adults.

Help The Drowning Person

There’s a huge number of accidents, when a person starts drowning. You should act! But do it correctly. There are special helping tips to save a drowning person:

  • reach him/her. If he or she is near the pool or dock edge, lie down the ground and try to get him/her. Use something to reach this person in case you can’t do it with your hand. It could be a towel, stick, oar etc. If you still can’t reach him/her, go to the water and hold the edge. Then try to reach this person;
  • throw a lifebelt into the water;
  • use a boat if it’s possible and needed;
  • act quickly. Get a towel, lifebelt or some shirt to tow the drowning person in.

Stop Bleeding

Arterial bleeding is extremely dangerous thing for life. This what you should do after your hands are washed:

  • put the medical gloves on;
  • lie a person down and cover with something. Raise the bleeding part of the body;
  • take away all the dirty objects from a wound. Leave large and deeply stuck ones;
  • make a pressure with the help of cloth or bandage. Leave it for twenty minutes and don’t try to see if it stopped bleeding;
  • use more gauze in case it’s really needed;
  • if it doesn’t stop bleeding, make arterial pressure;
  • bandages have to left when everything’s over. The wounded body part shouldn’t move.

Burn Treatment

There are various burn types, which have to be treated by professional doctors. But if you have a common one, put it under clean water. Remove dirt and cloth parts from your skin. Use ibuprofen or another ache reliever.

How To Help A Pregnant Lady In A Car

If you find yourself in a situation, when a pregnant lady needs help to deliver a baby, use those tips:

  • watch uterine contractions;
  • hold the baby’s body and head as it’s being born;
  • clean the baby and warm it up;
  • cut the cord;
  • don’t cut it if you’re too far away from hospital. If it happened, tie it closer to mother.

Heavy Body Carrying

In case someone got hurt and can’t walk by him/herself, don’t move this person and wait for emergency. But in case head, back and neck are Ok, you have to take him/her to a safer place. Keep in mind those tips to carry a person, who’s heavier than you are;

  • turn face to face and put the hurt person’s hand on your shoulder;
  • incline until the person’s middle is in front of your shoulder;
  • take this man/woman and go find a safer spot.

No one knows what to expect for. So, it’s much better to be prepared for any situation.